Our Courses

The Course "Brain Storm Abacus Program" --Education and Learning of Mental Arithmetic
System using Abacus is specially designed for child learners,This course is professionally
structured so that one can progress systematically.It includes theories and plenty of
practice to reinforce the foundation.The Course is suitable for anyone 6 years and above.
The Abacus and brain gym program which is BRAIN STORM exclusive program is a system of
education that maximizes the potential of the child's brain.


Abacus & brain Gym has gone digital in calculative concepts and is following an Advance
Abacus program focusing on total application of photographic memory and enhancing the
graph of IQ levels in childern through mind mapping technoques.


Vedic math is one of the tools that helps in faster calculative abilites and makes the journey
complete with its mesmerizing techniques and guaranteed oral output session after session.
Recommended for ages 9 and above.


Brainstorm Abacus and Brain Gym offer guaranteed output based program for handwriting
improvement in session of 4 hour duration.The Result are too good to be believed.


The NTT/PTT is available in English/Hindi medium for Pre-Primary Private/Public Schools
in India & Abroad.The NTT/PTT Trainer are well qualified and experienced in their fields.
We are providing small batch size and highly competitive environmnent.